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Here at First Class Engines, we strive to have a product sent out that you will be satisfied with.  For example, when it comes to used engines, you could choose a reliable source like us or you could go with the cheapest one out there that you can find.  With engines, cheapest is almost always a poor decision as it means that the end product will most likely smoke and/or knock or be missing parts, etc.  It’s a big gamble.  Every day we get calls from people who say they went for the cheapest engine they could find from our competitor and they ended up with a ‘dud’.  Many times they can’t get their money back.  They are calling us for a high-quality, fair-priced replacement.

Still not sure? Let me help set your mind more at ease..

Here at First Class Engines, we have hundreds of repeat customers, some of which buy from us on a weekly basis.  These customers of ours include auto parts stores, Auto Shops, dealerships, mobile mechanics, warranty companies, companies with fleets of vehicles like medical service, delivery service etc etc and this is all across the USA because we are nationwide and beyond.  Think about it, there is a good reason these companies buy from us again and again and again, week after week, month after month, year after year.

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