• The type of warranty will depend on the sale.
  • Your warranty will be discussed when you call for a quote and it will be written on your receipt.
  • Warranty starts when the part is delivered.

Keep in mind - a parts warranty means parts, not labor.  We do not cover any labor charges under any circumstances on used parts.  If you bought a remanufactured engine/part from us and it shows a labor warranty on your receipt, please understand that the labor on that is handled and paid out by the Remanufacturing Facility and not by First Class Engines. Any labor pay out will be at $50/hr max and will be paid out by the Remanufacturing Facility as First Class Engines does not pay labor.

Our Warranty Terms:

♦ If receipts are provided showing our installation checklist was followed, we will either pay for parts to repair or we will replace the defective product, or if no replacement is available, we will then discuss a refund which can only be given when we have the engine back in our possession. All receipts must be store-bought receipts, we do NOT accept any type of handwritten receipts which can say anything and can have any date you decide you want on there. All receipts must be dated within a month of when you received the part from us, no earlier than a month before and no later than a month after, otherwise the warranty is void. If a replacement part cannot be found, a refund would be prorated at 20% per year; for example if an engine fails after 1 year and there is no replacement available and the customer met all our terms including had all the necessary receipts, then if they had paid $100 for the engine, they would be refunded $80, and if it had been 2 years they would be refunded $60, and so on and so forth.
♦ All Refunds, regardless of the circumstances, are given on the price of the part(s) only - the customer is responsible for shipping both directions. The only exception is if we ship the wrong product.  If the customer orders the wrong product, they are responsible for all shipping charges & subject to a restocking fee. Remember that the part we send may not be the same year model as your vehicle. The auto industry made parts that often fit several model years and several makes/models.
♦ Engines and long block assemblies-included in the engine Warranty are the engine block, cylinder head with valves, camshaft, connecting rods and bearings, rocker arms, valve lifters, and other internal parts. Excluded from this Warranty are attached items such as carburetor, fuel pump, water pump, all electrical parts, hoses, lines, intake and exhaust manifolds, timing chains, timing belts, fuel injector pumps, all other injection parts, and other external parts. Calibration and adjustment of external parts are also excluded from this Warranty. Installation of new parts listed below is required.
♦ No refunds will ever be given to anyone until we receive our product back and get a chance to have a mechanic look it over to make sure it is in the same condition as when it was shipped out.  This is to make sure people do not try to send us back a different engine than what was sent and also to make sure the issue was on our end and not a mistake made by the customer's mechanic. It is also to make sure the engine does not get returned broken, or in pieces, or missing anything that it was shipped with. Upon Delivery, the customer must note any damage to the shipper so that a file can be claimed with the shipping company.  We will not accept a damaged engine or transmission back that has been damaged unless it is noted with the delivery driver.  for damage before shipment. 
♦ Engines and transmissions (and all parts) must be installed within the first 30 days that you receive them, otherwise, the warranty is void. We will not accept returns or cancellations, or warranty claims for any reason whatsoever if you had the engine or transmission (or any part) for more than 30 days and did not have it installed.
♦ If you contact us with a warranty issue and you tell us that you will not be using the part we sent you, in order to get any amount of refund you must allow the part to be picked up and sent back within 30 days of when you told us you wouldn't be using the part, otherwise if you wait beyond 30 days, NO REFUNDS will be given, as the 5 year warranty period only pertains to parts that have been installed and are being used by the customer, it does not pertain to how long you think you can keep the part after telling us you're not going to use it.
♦ Any mile’s verification must be done on the customer's end before installation, as we do not pay any labor charges if there is any discrepancy in miles. Odometer mileage estimations for used engines and used parts are not practically possible. Determination of mileage use for used engines or other used auto parts cannot be done with certainty because these engines and parts are routinely sold and exchanged separately from the original vehicle in which they were installed. Therefore all representations of mileage are estimates based upon information on hand.
♦ Any dispute with your credit card is immediate forfeiture of warranty. 
♦ In instances where we have sent a 2nd engine/part (or 3rd, 4th, etc) due to warranty, that replacement engine/part will have a 60-day parts/replacement warranty. The longer warranty is applied to the initial engine/part only.
♦ Vehicle Manufacturers often make parts that work for more than one model year. When you buy a part, we send the part that fits your vehicle's year, but it is not necessarily the same year as your vehicle.  We will not accept returns just because the part is not the same year as your vehicle if we know it to be a proper fit. This is standard across the auto parts industry and is not negotiable.  The same applies to different makes/models; if we send a different make/model than what you have it will still be the correct engine as the engine makers made engines that fit more than one make/model in many cases.
♦ Please understand that the owner will not talk to any customers or shops - ever. This is regardless of circumstances. The owner is not obligated in any way whatsoever to speak to customers so please do not bother asking. All customer service is to be handled via email only. Do NOT call for customer service issues, email your sales person.  This is our company policy. THANKS

Customer Warranty Requirements:

Installation Check List(be sure to give this list to the installer & save all time and date stamped parts store receipts to verify the checklist was followed in case of a claim):

(Failure to complete the following will void Warranty)

SAVE RECEIPTS: Put on a new front seal, new rear main seal, new valve cover gaskets, new oil pan gasket, new exhaust manifold gaskets, new intake manifold gaskets, new thermostat with gasket, new timing belt (if it has one), new water pump, new spark plugs & spark plug wires.

SAVE RECEIPTS: Use new engine oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filters, coolant-antifreeze.

SAVE RECEIPTS: If equipped with an engine oil cooler, the radiator or external cooler must be replaced with a new one.

  • Determine why the original engine failure occurred and make appropriate repairs.
  • Insure this engine is the same application as the one being replaced.
  • Clear all computer diagnostic codes from the vehicle before installing.
  • Exchange the flywheel and bolts (if necessary).
  • Exchange attached accessory items to insure proper fit (mounts, intake manifold (if needed), exhaust manifold (if needed), cam phasers (if needed), distributor (if needed), sensors (if needed), wiring harness (if needed)).
  • Disable fuel/ignition before attempting to start the engine. This will allow the oil to prime as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Drain excess oil and coolant from the exhaust system.
  • Ensure the cooling system is flushed and functioning properly.
  1. The Customer agrees to return the item to us in the same condition as it received.
  2. For Engines: Be sure to install a new timing belt (on belt drive engines) and set timing before installation.
  3. The Customer is responsible for installing any necessary accessories that they have to take off the old engine and/or transmission and/or buy new accessories (again engine accessories are not part of the warranty, examples are: mounts, intake and exhaust manifolds, cam phasers, distributor, sensors, wiring harness.
  4. For Engines: Rod out the radiator.
  5. For Engines: never run an engine that is not hooked up to the cooling system, such as bypassing the radiator.  Doing so will void the warranty.
  6. For Engines:  Replace the oil pan with your existing oil pan if yours is in better shape - we do not guarantee the oil pan whatsoever as it is external and not at all part of the internal running parts of the engine.
  7. For Engines: Be sure to use all factory-approved parts.  Any aftermarket parts being used will void the warranty.  (Example: aftermarket oil filter and/or using oil that doesn't match the factory recommendations, as these types of things can and do cause engine failure).
  8. For Engines: save all oil change receipts. We check oil change receipts to make sure that oil was changed per factory recommendations.
  9. For transmissions: replace front seals and axle seals, flush & inspect transmission cooling lines, add fluid to manufacturer’s suggested levels, install new transmission filter kit, properly align and install the torque converter, adjust the throttle position sensor cable.

Install new fluids & new filter and new gaskets.

The Warranty does NOT cover: 

  1. Engine accessories are not under warranty - these accessories include, but are not limited to: seals, gaskets, belts, flywheel, clutch, water jacket, coils, motor mounts, thermostat, spark plugs, water pump (Internal or external), starter, sensors, timing cover, timing belt, timing chain, timing guides, oil pan, alternator, distributor, valve covers, valve cover tube seals, carburetor, manifolds, fuel lines, fuel rails, crank sprocket, cam phasers, cam gear, external wiring, wiring harness.
  2. Transmission accessories are not under warranty - includes but not limited to torque converter, shift linkage, wiring system, electrical switches.
  3. There is no warranty on 'rust'.  Sometimes engines and transmissions sit for long periods of time and they get surface rust. Because surface rust does not affect performance, it is not covered. Our used engines and transmissions are good quality - that does not necessarily mean they look like new.
  4. Improper installation or repair, collision, fire, theft, accidents, misuse, negligence, racing, alteration.
  5. Rental, towing charges, insurance claims, freight charges, labor costs, or any sort of handling or shipping fees whatsoever.
  6. Oil leaks, and a blown head gasket/overheating if it's due to a bad cooling system.
  7. Backfire, lock-up or bent valves if due to poor timing belt and/or not setting the timing correctly.
  8. Warranty void if one incorrectly removes or replaces the harmonic balancer on certain engines (doing so may result in movement of the timing chain and cause bent valves). If your engine is one of these, we will let you know by emailing you a special warning sheet with a link for a video that will show you how to do this step.
  9. Warranty void if the engine heat tabs are melted because that means the engine was overheated. (Heat Tabs, when attached to the engine block or heads provide visual evidence that an engine has been overheated.) If heat tabs have been removed and/or tampered with in any way, it voids the warranty.
  10. When engines or transmissions are shipped back to us, the engine or transmission must be in the same condition as when we shipped it to you.  It cannot have been altered or broken.  It cannot be taken apart & must not come back in more than one piece.
  11. Warranty is Not Transferable.
  12. If the engine is dismantled (taken apart), the warranty is void.
  13. An engine (or transmission or any part) cannot and will not be replaced if you wait until after the warranty period to tell us.  For instance, if you feel we sent the wrong engine (or transmission or any part) and you wait until after the warranty period to tell us about it, we will not replace it or give any compensation.  There are no exceptions to this.
  14. Warranty void if the block and/or heads or any internals are removed or taken apart without written consent from First Class Engines.


We will only use your personal info for completing the sale. We do not ever share people's info with anyone. This includes Credit Card info, home address, phone number(s), and email address.

Core Charge Policy

Your 'core engine' is your old/existing engine or transmission - the one that needed to be replaced.  For certain engines and transmissions, we require a core deposit charge which means you pay that core deposit up front and then the money for the core is refunded once the core is shipped back.  Depending on the engine or transmission, in some cases the core is not required at all, thus a core charge does not apply. In some cases, you ship the core back at your expense and when it is received within the time allowed, you will get the deposit back as long as the core doesn't have holes in it & it is not in pieces and it has not been in a flood.  In some cases, we waive the core fee as long as the core is received back within a certain time frame.  In some cases, we pay the shipping for the core return.  With so many variables, we simply work out the details before completing the sale.  Please be aware that if we waived the core fee but you failed to send the core in the time allowed, we will need to charge you for the core.  If you don't allow us to charge you for the core in that situation then your warranty is void.  You can find the core amount on the sales receipt.  We will not refund your core deposit if the core is not rebuildable, or if it has hole(s) in it, or if it has been in any kind of flood, or if it arrived in pieces (needs to be as complete and as intact as what was shipped to you).  We will only accept cores if they are received back within 30 days of when the customer received the engine and/or transmission. 


  1. In the event that you cancel your order, the following conditions will apply.
  2. If you cancel the order before the part has shipped. You will be refunded but minus a 20% processing/handling fee.
  3. If you cancel the order after the part has shipped. You will be refunded minus a 20% restocking/handling fee plus all shipping costs to and from the destination of the part you ordered.

First Class Engines WILL accept returns under the following conditions

  1. If the wrong engine was shipped but ordered correctly by the customer and will not fit as a long block in the existing vehicle.
  2. If the engine is damaged in freight, the customer must note any and all damages on the driver's delivery receipt BEFORE they sign for the shipment.  Be sure that you comments are clear & legible on the driver's copy. Failure to do so will prevent First Class Engines from replacing the engine at no additional cost & will prevent First Class Engines from issuing a refund.
  3. If installation procedures were followed. ASE certified mechanic installed/approved.
  4. The customer can produce all parts store printed receipts per the installation policy.
  5. The heat tabs on the engine are not melted. AKA overheated.

First Class Engines WILL NOT accept a return under the following conditions.

  1. We do not accept returns on engines/transmissions that are ordered on an “out of application” basis. It is up to the customer to make sure the engine ordered will fit.
  2. Rust, grime and being "dirty" is part of any used engine and will most likely be the case for the one you have purchased. The appearance does not affect the performance of the engine and is not considered by First Class Engines to be a valid reason for return. First Class Engines does not sell engines/transmissions according to the appearance but more importantly on how they run.
  3. Exterior parts could be different and must be interchanged to complete the installation and are not covered under the warranty. This is not a valid reason for the engine to be returned. These external parts include, but are not limited to: oil pan, oil pan gasket, valve cover, valve cover gasket, exhaust manifold, exhaust manifold gasket, intake manifold, intake manifold gasket, sensors, flywheel, timing cover.
  4. We will not accept returns if you wait more than 14 days after the engine/part was delivered to you to tell us that you want to return it.  This is regarding order cancellations for any reason whatsoever and does not pertain to warranty claims of engines that were installed.

Please understand the engines have to be dismantled, palletized, and shipping must be arranged. This is time consuming and costly and must be recovered in the event of cancellation, assuming that First Class Engines is not at fault.

Refunds will be credited only to the original credit card used. In the event a refund check must be mailed, it will be mailed only to the billing address on the sales order.

No refunds will ever be given to anyone until the product is received back and a mechanic looks it over to make sure it is in the same condition as when it was shipped out.  This is to make sure people don't try to send back a different engine than what was sent and also to make sure the issue was on our end and not a mistake made by the customer's mechanic.

All Refunds, regardless of the circumstances, are given on the price of the part(s) only - the customer is responsible for shipping both directions.  There is up to a 20% restocking fee.  The restocking fee covers not only restocking the product, but also the initial dismantling and preparing of the engine before it shipped.  If for some reason we did not require the product back, the restocking fee still applies.

No refunds will ever be given on rental car fees, labor charges of any kind, towing charges, vehicle depreciation, or late shipments.  For late shipments, we do not guarantee any delivery times, we simply give estimates and delays can and do happen.  We will not refund more than the amount that was paid to us regardless of circumstances.

 Shipping Policy

Shipping will be to the lower 48 states unless specified as other. All shipping costs/quotes are from business to business. Residential shipping with lift gate service can cost up to 150.00 extra. Shipping times are usually 5 to 15 business days and are not guaranteed due to breakdowns, inclement weather, ETC…

The customer is 100% responsible for any additional shipping charges incurred due to them failing to give us the correct information for shipping.  This includes if they fail to tell us upfront that they need a liftgate, and it ends up that they do need a lift gate.  This includes if they tell us it is shipping to a business (commercial) address and it ends up that it is home (residential).  This includes if the shipping company tries to deliver and no one is there to accept the delivery, and the driver has to leave (this results in a 'redelivery' fee).   We also are not responsible under any circumstances for shipping/handling fees for your installer to accept our engine(or any part).  If an engine (or any part) needs to be shipped back to us, we are not responsible under any circumstances for any shipping/handling fees to get that engine ready for shipment, such as pallet fees, package fees, handling fees, or any fees whatsoever.

Note: just because someone has their business at their home, that does not make it a business address!  It must be classified as a commercial (business) address for it to qualify - the reason for this is that with this size of a shipment, the shipping companies charge a fee for residential deliveries and they charge a fee for lift-gate service.

If the customer fails to pay any additional shipping fees within 2 days of us getting the extra charges, then the customer's warranty is null and void.  At that time, we will send an updated receipt showing that there is no warranty.  Out of courtesy, the customer then has 24 hours to reconsider & make the full payment, which would result in us honoring the warranty.

If there was a core fee for getting the customer's core (old engine or transmission) back, and if we waived the core fee, and the customer had told us that we could have the core back, but it's not sent back (the core is the old engine or transmission) within one month of when the part was delivered, then they will need to pay the full core fee, otherwise, their warranty will be completely null and void.  The reason is that the customer has agreed to give the core back, and then broke that agreement by not allowing the core to be ready and picked up within the allocated time for whatever reason.

First Class Engines

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