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Get the performance and prestige of a BMW Z4 without the new car price tag with this used engine. This pre-owned powerplant provides the thrill of driving a luxury roadster without breaking the bank.

*BMW engineering provides smooth, responsive power and handling

*Significant savings over cost of new engine

Whether you're repairing your existing Z4 or building a custom roadster, this engine delivers the BMW driving experience you're looking for. The refined output provides exhilarating acceleration and high-rpm power to spare.

This engine is perfect for Z4 owners who want to breathe new life into their car at a fraction of the cost of a new powerplant. With proper installation, you can restore the joy of driving your ultimate roadster machine.

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Here at First Class Engines, we have hundreds of repeat customers, some of which buy from us on a weekly basis.  These customers of ours include auto parts stores, auto shops, dealerships, mobile mechanics, warranty companies, companies with fleets of vehicles like medical service, delivery service etc etc and this is all across the USA because we are nationwide and beyond.  Think about it, there is a good reason these companies buy from us again and again and again, week after week, month after month, year after year.

**We utilize over 100 trusted partner locations across the United States which is where the engines and other parts ship from**
You don't have to worry about where we are located or where the part ships from - because we take care of the shipping for you. The quoted price will already include the shipping to wherever you are having the part installation done.

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